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Tara Stiles' New Styles with Reebok


When athletic apparel giant Reebok first asked superstar Tara Stiles, founder and owner of Strala Yoga in New York City, to help dream up the company's first-ever yoga lifestyle line last year, she thought about her own practice and asked herself, “Who made the rules?”

This very question posed by the “yoga rebel,” as the New York Times called her, became one of the bold signature statements featured in the cool, affordable (prices range from $35 to $60), 23-piece yoga collection, which debuted in Reebok stores around the globe this January.

“I believe the only rules in yoga that you need to think about are the ones you choose to make for yourself,” explains Stiles of her famously relaxed and totally accessible approach to yoga (she's the personal instructor to Deepak Chopra).

For the 31-year-old former-model-turned-yogi, creating this special line wasn't just about marrying comfort, fashion, and function. Stiles aimed to combine contemporary urban silhouettes—think loose and versatile pieces that make it easy to go from studio to street—as well as fun details—like bold graphics and color—with super-soft, moisture-wicking fabrics (a menu of cottons, polyesters, and spandex) that fit and move well with you during practice. 

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“These pieces need to be an extension of you, whether you're a seasoned yoga practitioner or have never tried it before,” says Stiles of the colorful collection that offers flattering, non-restrictive sports bras, tops (loose, long, tight, and cropped options), and leggings for every body type.

 “The fit had to be just right and the feel had to be so silky that you didn’t want to take it off,” she says. “I’m proud to say that I think we accomplished that. I literally live in this line!”

Her favorite piece is—no suprise—the Who Made the Rules tank ($35). She also can't get enough of the unbelievably soft, oversized French terry Yoga Hoodie ($60) and Slim Pants ($55) that let you move freely both in class and around town.

Visit to check out the entire line.  


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