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There's a Crazy New Form of Birth Control, How Student Loan Debt Hurts Your Health, and Why You Can't Stop Listening to "Happy"


This week, we're reading about a new hybrid condom (yup, it could be a real thing!), why climate change might be bad for your health, a new reason to keep your student loan debt under control, and more weird stories. 

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1. This man thong condom is a thing of beauty. I mean, it's spectacular, really. A team of college students in China have raised $300,000 from investors in support of the Eros Project (photo NSFW), a device described as a jock strap with a condom attached. I have no doubt that it will effectively protect against STDs and pregnancy if for no other reason than no one will want to have sex with you when you're wearing this ridiculous contraption. 

2. Climate change is bad for more than the environment. A new report finds that climate change could have broader implications than previously believed, including increased stress, anxiety, PTSD, depression, and a loss of community as we see and experience more and more natural disasters. 

3. Student loan debt hurts your health. No surprise there—anyone who's ever stressed over whether to pay the rent or their student loan bill first knows firsthand that crushing debt can weigh heavily on your shoulders, but now research shows that significant debt is also associated with high blood pressure and poor self-reported mental and physical health.

4. New FDA concerns may affect your imported cheese. Aging cheese on wooden boards is a common practice both in the U.S. and overseas, but recent concerns expressed by the FDA about the cleanliness of it has some artisan cheesemakers worried that regulators will be cracking down on it. While the FDA hasn't taken any enforcement action against it yet, the agency has said that it plans to work with the artisnal cheese industry to determine whether certain types of cheese can be safely aged on wood shelves, so as of yet, you should still be able to find Comte cheese at your local shop.

5. Science has an answer for why you love "Happy" so much. Find that you just can't stop dancing or listening to Pharrell's upbeat tunes this summer? Science to the rescue: Researchers from Aarhus University in Denmark theorize that danceable songs have just the right amount of breaks or gaps in the beats, which your brain unconsciously wants to fill in. 


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