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These Are the Countries That Last the Longest in Bed

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Spreadsheets, the sex-tracking app that brought us data about which states last the longest and the shortest in the sack, is here again to tell you where in the world are all the lasting lovers. Gathering from their over 13,000 users across 133 countries, they calculated which nations, on average, have the highest sex durations.

At top of the pack is none other than Australia—the home of down-under-ers—who last a whopping four minutes and two seconds (remember, these are national averages and include intercourse only). The country that's reporting the most amount of sex, however, is the United States, whose gas-guzzling and hamburger-eating has done nothing to deter them from wanting to get it on night and day, coming in at three minutes and 45 seconds. [Tweet this stat!]

The most surprising part of this data might be that the homelands of both Casanova and Don Juan don't live up to the legends, with Spain and Italy clocking in at 3:22 and 2:50, respectively. Do you have your bags packed for Sydney yet?

This article originally appeared on The Date Report and was reprinted here with permission.

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