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Think Twice Before Taking Green Coffee Bean Extract


Although green coffee bean extract has recently been touted for its weight-loss benefits, a new report by has found that four out of eight green coffee bean extract supplements do not contain the expected amounts of chlorogenic acid, the key ingredient that associated with its weight-loss effects.

While ConsumerLab includes the name of the companies involved in the testing, the names of which supplements passed or failed the test aren't available unless you purchase the full report from ConsumerLab.

The report includes the results for the eight supplements randomly selected for testing and three additional products that passed the same testing under’s Voluntary Certification Program. Under the certification programs, companies can pay to have their products tested. ConsumerLab also tested a "green coffee extract" drink mix from Starbucks and found a "considerable" amount of chlorogenic acids.

You may not be ready to throw out your green coffee bean supplements yet, but consider that when it comes to supplements, there is no standardization required by law. Manufacturers don't have to follow a specific formula, so one brand of supplements could differ completely from another one, meaning you may not get the benefits you were hoping for. Moreover, for the price of the supplements (about $20 for a 30-day supply), you could do something else healthy for yourself, such as take a new fitness class or buy groceries.

What do you think? Do you take green coffee bean supplements? Will you continue to do so or does this report make you think twice? Let us know in the comments below!


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