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Time's 2014 Top 10 Health and Food Twitter Feeds

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Today Time magazine released its list of "The Best 140 Twitter Feeds to Follow in 2014," and naturally our eyes scanned right to the health and food genre. Ranging from straight health news to hilarious food quips, you will find at least one new person to follow.

For a taste of the best, we highlighted one of our favorite tweets (some informative, most hilarious—because what is a good tweep if not hilarious?) from the group below.

Find details of the decision-making process and all 140 picks on And be sure to follow @Shape_Magazine for daily news and tips on fitness, nutrition, health, and more!

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1. @TheFoodLab, Serious Eats managing culinary director J. Kenji López-Alt

2. @DavidChang, chef and founder of the Momofuku restaurant group

3. @ClevelandClinic, one of the top hospitals in the U.S. 

4. @JamesHamblin, senior editor at The Atlantic

5. @HaertlG, head of PR and social media for the World Health Organization

6. @amandahesser, former New York Times writer and co-founder of the site Food52

7. @ModFarm, quarterly magazine and daily website “for people who care about where their food comes from”

9. @Farzad_MD, former national coordinator for health information technology at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

10. @NPRFood, NPR’s food blog "The Salt"


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