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The Top 10 Cities to Be Your Own Top Chef

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How close do you come to being a master in the kitchen? America’s home cooks have increasing access to quality ingredients to serve up gourmet delicacies in the comfort of their kitchens, and real estate brokerage Redfin wanted to find the 10 best neighborhoods with these amenities. The company looked for areas that are close to farmers markets and grocery stores, and that have a lot of homes for sale with cooking-friendly features, like gourmet kitchens, vegetable gardens and chicken coops to find out where things were heating up. If your meals miss the mark, check out these places for a little inspiration:

1. Downtown, San Jose
2. Stanton Park, Washington D.C.
3. North Capitol Hill, Denver
4. Lakeridge, Seattle
5. Mid-City, Los Angeles
6. Canton, Baltimore
7. East Atlanta, Atlanta
8. North Center, Chicago
9. South Beach, San Francisco
10. Graduate Hospital, Philadelphia

In all of these cities, you'd likely be able to walk through the area and run into a community picnic or a cooking demonstration. And with gardens in so many backyards, it's no wonder they make the cut. Though we’ve never heard of some of these places until now, we can’t wait to visit—they are all bursting with culinary innovation. For healthy living no matter where you live try out these 15 simply brilliant healthy eating tips.


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