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The Top 10 Fittest Cities of 2013


Go ahead and flex those biceps, San Diego! According to a study by Apartment Guide and Onboard Infomatics, the California city is the fittest in America.

Known for its near-perfect weather, San Diego also boasts a growing economy, tons of beaches (33, to be exact!), 200 museums, easy access to world-class restaurants and bars, and the shortest average commute time. Not only that, it was recently rated one of the top 10 cities for single women.

Rounding out the city's qualifications that put it at the top of the list are that it includes the highest percentage of commuters biking or walking, health clubs, and apartment listings with fitness centers as part of the apartment amenities. Basically, San Diego's the happenin' place to be if you want to be in shape.

But it’s not the only gym-minded city. The other top 10 fittest cities are:

2. Los Angeles, which has myriad hiking and running paths, as well as its high number of commuters who walk or bike to and from work.

3. New York City. Easy to walk around and with an abundance of parks, New Yorkers also pay top dollar to whip themselves into shape, with the average person spending $130 a month during the summer and winter months at health and fitness clubs.

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4. Miami, a city known for excellent air quality, clean streets, and beautiful weather, all of which making exercising outdoors a no-brainer. It was also ranked high for the number of health-food stores available.

5. Atlanta may be better known for its barbecue and Southern food, but it snagged the No. 5 spot for its high number of organic health-food stores and markets, as well as its outdoor activities and warm weather.

6. Chicago has a high number of residents who stay home and cook rather than go out (a bit surprising considering the city's home to more than 6,000 restaurants!).

7. Omaha. Athough the city is known for its fantastic steak, it's also home to a high number of commuters who walk, run, or bike to and from work.

8. Houston's median income has dropped in recent years (which can prohibit gym memberships), but it has the most apartment buildings that feature fitness facilities.

9. Las Vegas takes fitness very seriously since more than 25 percent of residents working in the entertainment industry. While the hot, dry weather often keeps residents from the great outdoors, Las Vegans can take advantage of the number of indoor health and fitness facilities (it came second to only Houston as the city that offers the most fitness centers within apartment buildings or complexes).

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10. Phoenix rounds out the list with its stunning scenery, rocky hills, and desert trails, plus the third-highest number of fitness and workout centers in apartment complexes.

Now tell us: Did your hometown make the cut?


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