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The Top 10 Summer Aphrodisiacs

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There are plenty of natural turn-ons that come with warmer weather, science-backed aphrodisiacs (oysters, anyone?), and even some more surprising libido boosting foods. But now there may be other ways to feel the heat. A new survey of more than 22,000 members of MissTravel.coma site that matches "generous travelers who hate to travel alone with attractive travelers who would love the opportunity to travel the world for free"—calls out a whole slew of new aphrodisiacs. (Participants were asked what summer sensations are most likely to turn them on, and also had the option of choosing previously submitted answers from other users.) 

The results range from champagne and foreign accents to artisan donuts. And while we're not sure how much science agrees with these findings—I love eating (and Instagramming) donuts as much as the next girl, but I'm not quite sure they'd make a list of turn-ons—these findings certainly caught our eye. Here, the 20 apparent turn-ons for the remaining summer days.

Top 10 Summer Aphrodisiacs for Women
Exotic accents
Burning candles
Artisan donuts
Musky scents
Frozen Treats
Yellowtail sashimi
Infused water

Top 10 Summer Aphrodisiacs for Men
String bikinis
Green juices
Honey whiskey
Beach wave hair
Fresh baked blueberry pie
Minimal make-up
Tonka bean perfumes
Bare feet

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