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Top 5 Favorite Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes


Thanksgiving day is less than two weeks away, and we're already getting hungry for those quintessential Thanksgiving recipes such as green bean casserole, stuffing and pie! But if you think that you have to sacrifice your healthy diet on Thanksgiving, think again. We've rounded up our top five Thanksgiving recipes that are totally delicious yet lower-calorie and healthier!

5 Thanksgiving Recipes to Make

1. Green bean casserole. This green bean casserole recipe has just 90 calories per 3/4-cup serving and is just as creamy and crunchy as the original. The secret is in the fresh green beans and the wonton wrappers!

2. Multigrain stuffing with apples and currants. You can't have a Thanksgiving recipes list without the stuffing! And this stuffing recipe is amazing with whole grains and slightly sweet apples and currants. It's the savory-sweet stuffing you crave.

3. Sweet potato pie with whipped topping. You just have to have a piece of pie on Thanksgiving! And this sweet potato pie recipe is full of calcium and vitamin C.

4. Skinny mashed potatoes. Swap out the heavy cream or whole milk in your mashed potato recipe for chicken broth and you can easily cut 100 calories or more! Plus, this skinny mashed potato recipe is just as creamy and delicious as full-fat mashed potatos.

5. Pigs in a blanket. Yes, these cute little appetizers can be a part of a healthy diet. Follow this healthy Thanksgiving recipe for bite-sized hors d'oeuvres that are just 50 calories each.

What's your favorite Thanksgiving recipe? Tell us about it!


Jennipher Walters is the CEO and co-founder of the healthy living websites and A certified personal trainer, lifestyle and weight management coach and group exercise instructor, she also holds an MA in health journalism and regularly writes about all things fitness and wellness for various online publications.


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