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Top 5 Foods to Eat on the Dukan Diet

The royal wedding may have come and gone, but the Dukan Diet, which Kate Middleton was rumored to have followed to get wedding-day ready, is still super popular. So exactly what can you eat on the Dukan diet? While the diet is low-carb and restricts many grains, it still features some super-healthy foods. Here are the top five foods that you can eat when on the Dukan Diet.

5 Healthy Dukan Diet Foods

1.Greek yogurt. High in protein and calcium, plain nonfat Greek yogurt is one food on the Dukan-Diet approved list that is incredibly good for you. 

2. Beetroot. Dubbed as the next "exercise drink," beetroot is a hot new superfood. Whether you drink it as a juice or put some in a salad, it's a healthy food to enjoy when on the Dukan Diet! 

3. Kale. Greens of all kinds are pretty much allowed on the Dukan Diet. Our favorite green though that's on the Dukan-Diet approved list? Kale! Filling and high in calcium, fiber and flavonoids, food just doesn't get much healthier than kale.

4. Salmon. High in omega-3 fatty acids and protein, it's no wonder that you can eat this superfood on the Dukan Diet!

5. Tofu. Vegetarians can get plenty of protein in the form on tofu when on the Dukan Diet.


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