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Trainer Criticized for Working Out While Pregnant

Sara Haley

Most doctors say that as long as you're not deemed high-risk, exercising while pregnant is beneficial to both your health and that of your developing fetus. Still, that's never stopped anyone from having an opinion, especially when it comes to women's bodies and pregnancy.

Case in point: Personal trainer Sara Haley, who was recently named one of Shape's hottest trainers, is 35 weeks pregnant and says that she's received a barrage of criticism from other gym-goers about exercising while pregnant. 

"There is [sic] a lot of rude comments made, and sometimes it's like going back to high school where people gang up and make nasty comments, she told the New York Daily News

Some people just stare and whisper to one another, she says, but some go further, making comments such as, "Wow, those are the worst stretch marks I've ever seen!" and "Your butt is so big!" 

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"It's an element of bullying," Haley said. "Some people have no filter when they see a pregnant woman training."

Major facepalm. Here's a pro tip: When a woman (or anyone, really) wants your opinion or advice on anything—looks, outfit, fitness, or pregnancy—she'll ask you for it. Until then? You should just operate under the assumption that no one cares what you have to sayHaley's a personal trainer who works out for a living, so she's already very fit, and presumably she's under the care of her ob-gyn. If she's been given the go-ahead to exercise (which reportedly she had been), than she's not endangering herself or her fetus; in fact, not only is it okay to exercise while pregnant, some research suggests that exercise is associated with better pregnancy outcomes and deliveries. 

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