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The Truth Behind Those Inspirational Pinterest Quotes


I love the Internet. It is my livelihood and entertainment. It has allowed me to stay connected to family and friends who live far away. It is a beautiful thing. But, it is also full of total crap. Case in point: inspirational quotes. Those sharable, potentially viral collections of words that excite people as much as a warm day in winter. They're a lovely concept, but I just can’t get down with what they're actually saying. 

If we’re going to inspire, motivate, and entertain each other, can we please tell the truth at the same time? Just because something sounds nice, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it's true or even makes sense. You want examples? I am not short on material. Ahead, 11 common Pinterest quotes—and why they're kind of full of it.

Guys, maybe give up sometimes. Not everything works out. Not everything should work out. We are not all awesome at all that we do, despite what all those "participation" trophies in middle school told us. It's okay to walk away from something that just isn't right. There’s a word for people who don’t know when to give up: They’re called “stubborn.” They’re also called “annoying” and sometimes “pushy.” 

Of course, there are exceptions. If you're trying to get through a time of grief or finish a race you trained for all year, keep going. I wish you all the motivation in the world when you need it, and I’ll write dozens of quotes just for you. Email me; I am not kidding. But, if the obstacle standing in your way is, like, assembling an Ikea bed or trying to force an unhealthy relationship to work, you have my permission to quit. [Click here to read the full story from Refinery29!]


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