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Watch: Men Try On Makeup for the First Time

Many (if not most) women probably factor their daily makeup application into their morning routine before they leave the house. (Raise your hand if you're like me and can't leave your apartment without "putting on your face.") And while they may wear makeup for any number of reasons—they like to experiment with it, they feel better with it on, they feel or think they appear more professional with it, they might feel pressured to wear it—makeup tends to be overwhelmingly gendered toward women.

Which is why the video below is so cool. As part of a BuzzFeed experiment, five guys decided to submit their hair and faces to a professional makeup artist, and the results are pretty hilarious. Still, the guys touch on a lot of the things that women think about on a daily basis—the expense, the idea of waking up one way and looking another after makeup, feeling or looking beautiful. And anything that encourages us to examine our ideals and expectations when it comes to women and beauty is a plus, I think. 

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