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Weight Watchers Beats Doctors in the Battle of the Bulge

Weight Watchers may have already been named as the Best Weight-Loss Diet, but this popular commercial diet has another title to add to its list of accomplishments. According to a new study published in The Lancet, people lose more weight when doing Weight Watchers than they do when following a standard diet given by their health-care professional. 

In fact, of the 722 overweight adults in Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom who were studied, those following the Weight Watchers program and going to Weight Watchers meetings lost about twice as much weight over the course of a year as compared to those following a standard weight-loss diet from their doctors. Those doing Weight Watchers also kept with the program for a longer period of time. In the study, 54 percent of the standard-care diet group completed the year-long study, compared to 61 percent of the Weight Watchers group.

Although the study was funded by Weight Watchers, which could signal potential bias, researchers credit the Weight Watchers group's success in the study to its supportive structure. The Weight Watchers program includes group support, weekly weighing, information and advice about diet and physical activity, along with motivation and camaraderie with others who are also trying to lose weight. Makes sense to us. We all know how important having support is to losing weight!


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