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What the "Average" Woman Looks Like in Every Country

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We’ve all indulged in websites that show what your potential baby with Brad Pitt would look like, but did you know one of these “babymaker” websites took on a project even bigger?, run by the Face Research Laboratory at the University of Glasgow, has used its thousands of photos to calculate the appearance of the “average” women in 41 different countries.

The software, a modern version of the technique that anthropologist Sir Francis Galton pioneered in the late 19th century, asks the user to define a dozen points on their face, which makes it possible to determine an average face when comparing all of the photos in the database. Below, the general looks of different women, according to the site. Don’t worry if you don’t match up to the average—the composites that made up the averages tend to be more attractive than each individual photo, because blemishes are ruled out. 

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