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What to Do when Summertime SAD Strikes, How to Tell If You're a Narcissist, and the Most Popular Day for Sexting


Time for another roundup! We've got the latest and greatest headlines in health, happiness, and more. 

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1. Nine West under fire for its "husband-hunting" shoes. I love shoes as much as the next person, but Nine West's latest campaign suggesting that husband-hunting is an appropriate occasion to buy new shoes is straight-up stupid. Offended would-be shoppers are taking to Twitter using the hashtag #NoneWest to express their displeasure. My favorite? Twitter user Hannah Majella's tweet, "How about promotion snaring shoes? Merger clinching shoes? Board meeting shoes? Too busy serving hubby and raising baby, I guess!"

2. SAD can strike in the summer too. It's rarer than its winter counterpart, but summertime seasonal affective disorder affects about 1 percent of the population. In contrast, 5 percent of the population is thought to suffer from wintertime SAD. And while wintertime sufferers tend to feel sluggish, lethargic, and gain weight, those with summertime SAD often feel agitated or restless, suffer from insomnia, and have a poor appetite or experience weight loss. 

3. You are a Judgmental Judy. So is everyone, though, so it's okay. When we meet someone new for the first time, our brains immediately make judgments on how trustworthiness their face looks before it's even fully perceived, according to a new study published in Journal of Neuroscience

4. Are you a narcissist? This easy quiz will tell you. Seriously, it's only one question. The question is—get ready—"Are you a narcissist?" That's it. If you answer "Yes," then congratulations: You're apparently a narcissist. People who are not narcissists would never say they are, researchers assert, because the traits associated with narccissm (such as vanity or selfishness) aren't often thought of as desirable ones. 

5. Tuesday mornings are for sexting. Computer-tracking software company Retina-X Studios recently commissioned a poll and found out that the peak sexting hours are between 10 a.m. and noon on Tuesdays. As Allison Davis of The Cut suggests, the fact that it's not Wednesday (Hump day!) seems like nothing if not a missed opportunity. 


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