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What Does His Text Mean?


We've all gotten one of those text messages from a guy we like once in a while: "Hey, back in town tonight, wanna hang?" Or, "Still up tonight? Let's go out." Like, WTF, man? What does that even mean?

Well, the next time you find yourself puzzling over your smartphone for 15 minutes, trying to decipher a text from him, take it to the Internet! A new website,, harnesses the power of crowdsourcing by allowing people (it appears to be mostly women) to post cryptic text messages they've received from guys and have visitors vote and comment on them. Visitors can also render a judgment, such as "He's into you," or "The verdict is still out."

If you find yourself the recipient of a particularly confusing message, you can get help from one of the "bros," or a panel of men available at HeTexted. You can take your query to the "Nice Guy," the "Dude Whisperer," or the resident "Douchebag" (his words, not ours!).

Interestingly enough, the site was founded by two women (one of whom is a former beauty editor of Glamour) and was born out of years of hanging out with girlfriends waiting for men to call or text.

People's experiences inform their opinions, so if you're looking for objective, unbiased advice, you may not receive it from HeTexted. On the other hand, if you're a shoot-straight-from-the-hip kind of girl, this type of relationship help may be very beneficial.

Ultimately, we'd recommend that before you take your troubles to the Internet, you attempt to open the channels of communication with your guy—because the two of you have to live with your relationship, not the random strangers on the web. Check out our top tips on how to start communicating, find out how what you do outside the bedroom may affect your life inside it, or cozy up to one of these free date ideas, and you'll be on your way to a healthy, happy relationship.


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