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Is This What Food Will Look Like in 50 Years?

Johanna Schmeer/Bioplastic Fantastic

In 50 years, we may all be eating this futuristic-looking egg. Maybe.

Inspired by recent scientific advancements, designer Johanna Schmeer wanted to have some fun with the concept of what food might look like in the future, so she designed seven different products that include everything we need to survive—including protein, fat, carbs, sugar, minerals, and water—and the resulting "bioplastic cells" (they're filled with enzymes) are pretty cool. 

“It’s a purely conceptual project, and it’s not technically possible today to make this concept a reality,” Schmeer told Fast Company. “But the project is based on scientific research that is happening today, and it is something that might be possible in 40 to 50 years.”

We'd take this over Soylent any day! Scroll below to check out some of the images, then tell us: What do you think about the idea? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @Shape_Magazine!

All images courtesy of Johanna Schmeer


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