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What’s Trending with Tara: Flare Jeans

Karsten Staiger

The 1960s proved to be an inspiration for last fall (see: What's Trending with Tara: 1960s Mod), but spring 2015 is all about a '70s silhouette—especially when it comes to denim. That’s right, flare jeans are back! Before you resist the throwback trend, note that the modern version of the '70s classic is more sophisticated than how the hippies wore it. So push your skinny’s aside and let me remind you of the magic that shape brings. (Want more 70s looks? Check out What's Trending with Tara: Fringe.)

Skinny jeans have remained a staple in every girl’s closet so long because they are so easy to style—the look is almost impossible to mess up. While flared jeans aren’t as easy to wear—they almost always require heels to fit properly—this added height is also what makes the denim trend super slimming and undoubtedly flattering. If you get the exact hem length right and the break of the bell is smooth, your legs will look a mile long.

That’s actually why I love this trend: I’m barely 5'5'', so I jump at the chance to rock anything that will make me appear taller.  When I wear my high-waisted flares, I try to play up the long leg angle as much as possible by topping the pants off with either a short bomber jacket or a tailored blazer and a tucked-in shirt. As for my shoe of choice, I almost always opt for a pair of platforms. Flares and platform shoes were made for each other—the pants keep the lift concealed, so no one will know your little secret. If platforms aren’t your style or you want an edgier feel, flares also look great with pointy pumps and boots. (Ease the aftereffects: How to Relieve Foot Pain After a Night of High Heels.)

The whole point of flares is to create a long and lean silhouette, so try these three tips to maximize on the slimming and lengthening effects:

Seek high-waisted styles: The ideal way to wear flares is in high-waisted form to help you best show off those curves. Opt for a pair that hits near the belly button, and wear it with a boxy crop to keep it feeling modern and to emphasize the long line of your lower half. If you don’t like high-waisted jeans, opt for mid-rise—but be sure to stay strict with the tailored look to emphasize that curvy silhouette.

Tailor the hem: Take your flares to the tailor and bring a few pairs of heels to see how they'll look with different heights. Select the shoe with ideal height or your favorite pair that you’re likely to wear most often. Aim for a hemline that skims the floor—you don’t want to be stepping on the bottom of the jeans. It's okay for the tip of your shoe to stick out, but the heel should be completely covered in the back.  

Choose the right top: Your shirt is key to keep your look long and lean. Short tops and jackets, tailored shirts, and tucked-in tees keep the emphasis on the best parts of the silhouette (the waist and thighs). If you’re not crazy about cropped tops, tucking in a longer shirt with a blazer can be a great alternative. This will stretch the visual line running from you waist to toes while concealing troublesome areas, like the lower belly or a wide backside.


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