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What’s Trending with Tara: Knit Hats

Karsten Staiger

Each season brings a new ‘en vogue’ accessory, and the past few months have been all about hats, from the wide brimmed hats all over the streets this autumn to voluminous furry toppers for these bitterly cold winter days and even—my prediction!—structured berets this spring. But in the midst of these frigid January temps, keeping your ears covered in style—with a great knit hat—is where it’s at. (Don't forget your other cold-weather accessories! 15 Cute & Cozy Pieces of Winter Workout Gear.)

Yes, knit hats have been a winter staple for years. But people have really taken it to the next level this year: The slouchy beanie, the stand–up smurf-style knit hats, and fitted caps are all still holding strong as an it accessory. Knit hats can really transform a perfectly put-together look into an ideal mix of effortless swag and chicness, adding edge to any ensemble.

Most knit hats lean toward a more masculine silhouette, and I think the key to rocking one well lies in finding that perfect masculine/feminine balance—which is why my favorite standout style from this season is the pom pom hat. It brings a playful femininity to the otherwise bulky look, and it keeps fashion fun! When you’re all bundled up with a little bouncing puff on top of your head, it not only adds texture and a pop of color to your look, but it is also bound to provoke a much-needed smile to the face of those around you. (Check out 20 Ways to Get Happy (Almost) Instantly!)

The most trendy way to execute one of these knit toppers is to disregard previously established rules that enforce causal to be paired with casual. Instead, I encourage you to mix and match styles. These hats have such a distinct shapes, so they’re great to add some excitement to your outfits. And knit toppers are so universal (and practical) that they can help keep you from looking too uniform, while adding excitement to preppy, sleek, casual or even dressy outfits—all while keeping you warm.

So pop on one of these snuggly headpieces and cheerfully give winter the peace sign.


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