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What's Trending with Tara: Blanket Coats


We’re halfway through October and witnessing the peak of fall's beautiful foliage. With temperatures cooling, one piece in my wardrobe has proven to be particularly useful: a blanket coat. Whether attending my child’s back-to-school curriculum night or apple picking over the weekend, the versatility of this jacket has me swooning, and I'm so happy I made the investment. And with stores of all calibers, from Urban Outfitters to Zara, offering chic variations of the coat, many places carry the piece within your desired price range.

Given the current mild temperatures in Manhattan, blanket coats have been an ideal topper, and I’ve been able to wear mine in a variety of ways: dressed up with leather shorts, a blouse, and over-the-knee boots for a chic city vibe or toned down with washed jeans, ankle boots, and a plaid button-down while visiting the countryside. In both situations, the blanked coat has proven to be the perfect balance of practicality and style. Its easy-to-wear design made it equally comfortable for outdoor activities and cozy autumn nights in. When winter arrives, I plan to leverage this piece by layering it over a leather jacket or even a heavier coat for added texture and warmth.

So how can you rock this wrapped-up look and still feel polished? My first piece of advice is to mind your proportions. A blanket coat is oversized and drapey, so to balance your silhouette, keep the rest of the outfit streamlined and well-fitted. Try pairing your blanket coat with a sleek pair of leather leggings, fitted shorts with tights, or a sexy miniskirt to accentuate shapely legs, slim your lower body, and amp up your style game. If your intention for this piece is comfort, couple the coat with skinny jeans, pointed flats, and a cross-body bag (to cinch it) for a chic weekend look. Speaking of cinching, if this style has you struggling with extra bulk, belt it—fastening at the waist will give you a trimmer, shapelier silhouette.

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Whether you purchase one of these new pieces, or create a makeshift version using wraps or oversized scarves from your closet, you will find that the fashion-meets-function blanket coat can complement most of what’s in your wardrobe. Check out some of my favorite looks on Instagram to find your outfit inspiration!


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