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What's Trending with Tara: Colorful Mirrored Sunglasses


I visited friends in Nantucket last week and was amazed by all the natural beauty of the island. One of my favorite things was its signature shrub, the blue hydrangea, which was blooming everywhere. At one point, I sat down next to a shrub while wearing my blue mirrored sunglasses and had to take a selfie! With my purple swimsuit, purple tinted lip gloss, and blue iridescent sunnies, I loved the way the soft, blue hues blended together and complimented my outfit. It is definitely one of my favorite color palates.

The color-tinted mirrored sunglass trend photographs brilliantly, so it is no surprise that from the beach to the streets, Instagrammers are rocking some seriously bright eyewear these days. With eye-catching reflective lenses, mirrored sunglasses in vibrant hues are a powerful and playful way to add flair to your look.

There are several different ways that you can use sunglasses to help play up the color in your outfits. You can follow my lead and keep your whole ensemble within the same color family, then top it off with iridescent eyewear, adding dimension. If you're sporting patterns or textures, use your sunnies to highlight an accent color and pull the whole look together. Or you can keep your clothes sleek and simple, using the pop of color from your shades to give your look some edge. However you choose to wear this trend, just have fun with it—and don’t forget to say cheese!

Check out some of my favorite Instagram looks below to find your sunny inspiration!


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