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What's Trending with Tara: Oversized Coats


When it comes to investing in a new outfit topper for fall and winter, look no further for inspiration than your boyfriend’s closet. Oversized coats, taking a cue from boyfriend jeans, prove that when it comes to menswear, women can do it better. Though it's been trending for a year now, the most recent revamp of the jacket style takes a slightly more fitted approach, with streamlined silhouettes, cleaner lines, and lengths that vary from mid-thigh to below the knee.

While you may be thinking that only supermodels with slim frames can carry a larger-than-life coat, I am here to tell you otherwise. No matter what your shape and size, when styled correctly, this type of coat looks good on everyone. It’s just a matter of balancing out your proportions to make an oversized coat work for you.

Keep the rest of your outfit fitted
Wear body-skimming pieces underneath to help balance the bountiful coat. Skinny jeans or leggings are great casual pairings, while a pencil skirt or cigarette pants are dressier options.

Play with proportions
Pairing an oversized coat with shorts or mini skirts is so on trend right now. A shorter hemline under a longer coat is a chic way to offset the volume on the top half.

Cinch it
Give a baggy coat some shape by cinching it at the waist. With coats made of thick, heavy materials, choose a belt that's wide and sturdy. This is also a great trick to accentuate your curves.

Give yourself a lift
Wear heels to give yourself some added height and lengthen your silhouette. The shoes will also provide a sense of proportion to your oversized ensemble.

Show some skin
By this I mean pushing up your sleeves to bare your wrists and forearms and/or rolling the bottom of your pants to highlight your ankles. Showing skin is a foolproof way to look more feminine and give yourself a taller, leaner appearance. When it gets colder, fitted gloves, tights, or ankle booties will also do the trick.

Add structured accessories
Structured totes, purses, and pointy-toe shoes have straight lines and angles that compliment your king-size coat. They’ll throw in a unique punch and exemplify the fashion-forwardness of your look.

Buy your size
Stick to coats that are designed to be oversized rather than something a few sizes too big. An oversized coat should look like a deliberate fashion choice, not something you found in your closet and threw on.

Because I'm on the petite side, the shorter, boxy versions of this coat don't suit me as well as the new tailored approach. I’ve found that the clean lines can actually elongate my frame so I appear taller and leaner. In terms of color, I love wearing my bold red topper with monochrome outfits to make the hue really stand out. Leaving the coat open also creates a straight line down the center of my body, giving the illusion of a slimmer figure.

When I shopped for this jacket, I opted for lighter fabrics as opposed to heavier tweeds and bulky wools that wouldn’t overwhelm a small frame. (Though when it gets colder I will be grateful for the extra room underneath this coat so I can layer!) I also paid close attention to the shoulder seam, making sure it did not not fall more than two inches below my actual shoulder. This gives the coat an oversized appearance without looking like a potato sack. 

This style may look shapeless on the rack, but try on a few and you'll be pleasantly surprised. Be sure to check out some of my favorite Instagram looks below to find your outfit inspiration!


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