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What's Trending with Tara: Slope Style

Karsten Staiger

Whether you are a black diamond shredder or more of a meet me in the lodge for a hot toddy kind of girl, putting together a chic yet practical look for the slopes can be challenging. But nothing can kill your mojo more than feeling wet and cold… except for maybe looking like the Michelin Man! Luckily, this year, there are tons of fashion-forward pieces available, made by both traditional ski and fitness fashion brands that are designed to keep you warm and dry without the extra bulk. (Some of my favorites? Mountain Force, Kjus, and Fendi.)

In past seasons, the only way to look somewhat cool and current was to sport some overly baggy pants paired with an equally shapeless jacket—running the risk of being mistaken for an adolescent boy.  Now curve-hugging jumpsuits and form-fitting stirrups pants paired with a belted or slim fitted jacket prove that looking like a lady on the slopes is possible. (Need a new jacket? Check out How to Choose the Perfect Winter Coat.) And while tight-fitting gear for the slopes sounds uncomfortable, the newest pieces are made from waterproof, breathable, and stretchy materials, particularly helpful at flex points (like elbows and armpits) to give you plenty of movement.

Incorporating fashion influences from the 80s and 90s is my favorite way to go. One of my favorites (other than the jumpsuit—clearly!)? Bib pants are back! They’re a great option for the slopes: They cinch your middle and the high waistline lengthens your body. (And you can shorten the suspenders for an instant boob lift!) Another fun way to upgrade your slope style? Inject color—anything from a bright helmet to a full-blown fluorescent pant. Categorizing myself as a true New Yorker, I lean towards the sleekness of an all black or white ensemble. But I have to admit that one of the few places where wearing head-to-toe bold colors overrides urban chick is against a snow-covered mountain.

If picking up some new snow garb before your next ski weekend is not in the cards, don’t lose hope.  Here are some ideas to help you step up your glam game and still look slammin’—but without the frostbite!

  • Play with scarves: Since keeping your face and neck covered while you whip down the mountain is ideal, use this as an opportunity to throw in a bit of personal style with a printed or colored scarf.  Added bonus is you can completely change your look day to day just by swapping scarves and matching up your other accessories.
  • Add accents of fur: Fur (real or faux) always looks posh, and will add texture and dimension to your overall look. (Case in point: What's Trending With Tara: Faux Fur.) Working in some fur can be that one finishing touch that channels your inner spirit animal, keeping you feeling fierce on your feet as you swoosh down the mountain.  
  • Sport some funky goggles: Yes please. Not only do these have an intense (positive) effect on people’s perceptions of your skiing/boarding abilities (especially if they're white-framed or reflective!), they really brighten up your face! Just like with fur and scarves, adding some style and color around your face can make all the difference for those chair lift selfies.  So bundle up and snap away in style. Don’t have goggles? Pop on a pair of your favorite sunnies!



Next week, I'll be looking at knit hats and cabin chic. Already rockin' one of these styles? Tag your Instagram posts with @tarabryanstyle for a chance to be featured in the upcoming posts!


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