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Why Everyone Should Cut Marissa Mayer a Break

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By now you've seen countless articles condemning Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer for showing up late to the Cannes advertising festival, allegedly keeping 'ad executives waiting for hours.' However, her reasoning is what seems to have received the most criticism (and hey, it makes for a catchy headline): "I'm sorry, I fell asleep," Mayer reportedly said upon arriving. 

And sure, the criticism isn't without reason: Oversleeping for any sort of work-related committment is embarrassing, unprofessional, and generally a big no-no—especially when you're, you know, the boss of a big company like Yahoo. But then again, haven't we all done it before? Doesn't showing up and telling—wait for it, the truth—count for anything anymore? [Tweet this!]

Apparently not. 

Judging by the controversy surrounding the appropriateness of a female CEO like Mayer posing upside-down in her Vogue photo spread, it isn't very surprising that her blunder would receive special media scrutiny.  But then again, doesn't she deserve a little break for copping to it? If the report is true (a big if, by the way), I for one congratulate her honesty.

Instead of trying to cover her lateness up, she apologized and owned up to the mistake quickly and concisely. Which is, by the way, exactly what career experts recommend in a situation like this. Not to mention that besides being a CEO, Meyer is also a mother who was traveling internationally for business, probably jet lagged, sleep-deprived, and working for far more than eight hours that day. Are those excuses? No. But let's cut her some slack. Sure, Mayer's position certainly holds her to much higher standards than most, but at end of the day, aren't CEOs human too?

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