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Why Staying Hydrated Helps You Stay Gorgeous


Most people already know that drinking water in the summer is important, but getting yourself to gulp in the winter is a different story. If helping your body function at its top potential—and preventing headaches—isn't enough, then let these four beauty-inspired reasons urge you to toast with water more regularly.

1. Support skin: Forget expensive creams and treatments; drinking water is one of the best things you can do to keep your skin looking young and glowing all year long. Staying hydrated promotes skin circulation at its base so that skin repair doesn't decrease. If you feel like you're constantly overloading on lotion with no results, drinking more water every day could improve your condition.

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2. Suppress appetite: Drinking a glass of water before meals helps you eat less since thirst is often mistaken for hunger. In fact, studies have found that folks who stay on top of their water intake actually consume fewer calories. This is also a great technique for someone who tends to overeat when they're bored.

3. Keep belly bloat in check: Staying away from salty foods and dairy certainly helps, but one of the best ways to make sure you don't retain water is to drink plenty of water. It seems a little counterintuitive, but filling up on water and keeping your body hydrated keeps bad belly bloat at bay.

4. Boost metabolism: We know that drinking more water helps you before, after, and during your workout, and it may actually help you burn more calories! One study showed that people who drank eight to 12 glasses of water a day burned more fat than those who only drank four.

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