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The World Is Running Out of Chocolate!


Here at Shape, there's news that passes our desks every day that we slough off easily: helium shortage? Okay. Butter shortage in Japan? Not our territory. But when it comes to chocolate—one of the sacred foods we don't mess around with—we're all ears. So when Bloomberg recently reported that two of the world's largest chocolate makers—Mars Inc. and Barry Callebaut—announced the gap between the supply and demand for chocolate will grow to one million metric tons in the approaching year, we froze in our tracks. (Not only is chocolate way up there on our list of favorite treats, but many experts agree that making room in your diet for a little bit of dark chocolate every day is a healthy eating habit.)

The new report states we're already in the longest streak of consecutive chocolate deficits in 50 years. (Huge bummer.) And to top it off, the combination of plant disease, drought, and a shift to producing other crops on the Ivory Coast and Gahna (where 70 percent of cocoa is produced) means not enough of the good stuff is being made to meet our growing chocolate consumption. Fortunately, as Bloomberg reports, scientist recognize that this is an important observation (almost as important as these 8 Health Foods to Eat Every Day!). And to fight it, they're actually creating a genetically modified super-cacao that would be immune to disease—and somehow taste even better. (Although, we're not going to lie—something about that sounds fishy to us.)

So while chocolate scientists scramble to save our favorite dessert—or create a super-chocolate we could grow to love one day—we're headed for the kitchen. Whip up these 18 Oh-So-Good Dessert Recipes tonight to savor the flavor.



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