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Your Guy Friend Probably Thinks You're Into Him


Today in news that will surprise almost no one, a new study suggests that men usually (and more often than not, wrongly) assume their female friends are crushing on them harder than they really are. In the study, published in The Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, researchers surveyed more than 80 male and female friends and found that men were generally more attracted to their female friends than vice versa. Additionally, the men in the study consistenly and mistakenly believed that their female friends were more attracted their male friends than they were. 

What was a little surprising was that even if the men (or women) were in relationships, they still reported being attracted to their female friends. Conversely, the women in the study were much less likely to want to date their male friends if he or they were in a relationship or married.

So what's a girl to do? On the one hand, I think almost everyone can recall at least one opposite-sex friendship either in junior high, high school, or college where someone's feelings went unrequited. On the other hand, with only 80 test subjects, I doubt the results can be generalized to the entire population.

What do you think? Can men and women truly be friends or will there always be an underlying attraction?


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