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Your Meat Labels Are Meaningless, Dating Really Is the Worst, and Bullies Are Healthier Than Everyone Else

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Time for another roundup of healthy headlines! This week's list is a good one: We're talking about meat labels, MERS, online dating, and whether calorie counting can really cure the obesity crisis. 

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1. That "humanely raised" label on your meat is meaningless. Today in snappy buzzwords that don't mean a thing: A new report has found that 80 percent of meat and poultry labels that claim their products were made from animals who were "humanely raised" and "sustainably farmed" can't actually provide any information to verify their claims. While some companies do pay third-party organizations such as Certified Humane or Global Animal Partnership to conduct audits and make sure their practices are in line with their labels, this serves as another reminder that there's no actual scientifically established or agreed-upon definition for many healthy buzzwords—including the term "all natural."

2. The CDC is searching for people who may have been exposed to MERS. After a second man in the U.S. was confirmed to have MERS, the CDC is trying to track down around 100 individuals who may have overlapped with the patient at two Florida hospitals. As a precaution, 20 health care workers have been sent home, where they're being closely monitored. So far, the CDC is not calling MERS a huge threat to the American public, though it's emphasized that American medical professionals and emergency care services need to become comfortable in dealing with it.

3. A hilarious web series feels your Tinder pain. Everyone knows the misery of a bad date, and matchmaking apps like Tinder have only served to magnify the humiliation of these cringeworthy encounters. Luckily, new web series Local Attraction knows exactly what you're going through and is here to make you feel better. Actor and series creator Connor Hines got the idea when he heard about some of the terrible date experiences his three sisters were having, and voila!, Local Attraction was born. If you need a good laugh (or cry), check it out here.

4. Fed Up takes calorie-counting to task. In a new documentary, Katie Couric and Laurie David set out to challenge the traditional answer given for obesity: "Eat less and exercise more." The film explores corporate and political forces, the food industry, the rise of sugar consumption in the U.S., and more to answer the question: Are all calories equal? You'll have to watch the doc to find out!

5. Bullies healthier than everyone else. Well, this is depressing: A new study shows that those who bully others when they're younger may end up enjoying benefits that can extend for decades, possibly because of the social status that comes with bullying. In fact, after tracking 1,420 individuals for more than two decades, researchers found that former bullies had lower levels of inflammation associated with metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease. 


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