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Your Post-Holiday Beauty Detox Plan


After all the partying—and, let's be honest, drinking—of the past month, chances are you're not looking as radiant as you did all glammed up on those nights. Start January off beautifully with these tips that will keep you gorgeous all year long.

1. Give your diet a makeover. The saying "You are what you eat" is especially true when it comes to your skin, but just a few simple tweaks can help you boost radiance and reduce signs of aging. Mike Roussell, Ph.D., SHAPE's Diet Doctor, recommends adding foods rich in essential fatty acids, such as olive or flaxseed oil, to your diet as well as protein sources like lean beef and eggs. Other foods that can imrove your complexion include vegetables such as antioxidant-packed carrots and red bell peppers.

2. Moisturize more. And more. If you think you’ve moisturized enough, slather on some more! "Moisturize more than you think you need to. It’s best to apply while the skin is still damp so the product can help trap some of the surface moisture into your skin. And, while you’re at it, moisturize inside out by staying hydrated. In other words, drink lots of water!" Aaron Tabor, M.D., says.

3. Clean out your makeup bag. Before you swipe on your favorite shade of lipstick or apply that six-month old mascara to your lashes, take inventory of all your products. Toss anything older than three months, and make sure to clean your brushes monthly to prevent germs and bacteria from collecting on them and being transferred to your face.

4. De-puff. For nagging undereye circles that just won't go away, try a collagen-boosting product such as Hylexin to improve the thin tissue around your eyes and get rid of discoloration and lower-lid puffiness. And remember: Try to get seven to eight hours of sleep every night!

5. Cut back on sugar. Weeks of sugary cocktails and cookies wreaks havoc on your body. Cutting sugar out of your diet cold turkey can be difficult, but if you slowly start easing off the sugary soft drinks, grain-based meals, and desserts, you should notice that in addition to having more energy, your skin will soon return to its usual pre-holiday brightness.


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