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Shape's gone bridal!!

Shape Bride has finally hit newsstands! We’re so excited about this project—we worked double time to produce it (this plus our regular issues!) and it’s like a sweet treat to finally see all our hard work on newsstands! This was such a unique project for Shape, as it was our first-ever bridal issue. After reading so many letters from readers asking us about how to lose weight for their wedding or how they can stay focused until the big day, we thought that our version of a bridal magazine might help the bride have a happier, healthier, and fitter wedding day!


We gave this issue the Shape spin to give you a guide to having a well-rounded experience from saying “yes” to “I do!”. This issue covers topics such as money matters you should discuss with your fiancé, to the best honeymoons for exercise and relaxation, and solutions to overcoming any stressful situation from now until your walk down the aisle. And, didn’t I tell you I was looking forward to unveiling our Shape Bride cover model?


If you haven’t seen the bridal issue yet (and you should!), you’ll see Melissa Rycroft from The Bachelor and Dancing With The Stars on our double cover—the first in a white bikini and the second in a bridal gown. Like I’ve said, I’m such a huge fan of hers—she seems like someone you’d just want to be friends with or have as a running buddy. And how can you not love how she took something that could be such a horrible thing (getting dumped on live TV) and ended up the bigger (and better) person in the end. Now Melissa works for ABC as an on-air correspondent and has had so many doors open for her—like being an idol to Shape readers and the inspiration for our first bridal cover model (who better to get tips from than her?)! Thanks to her hardcore dance and workout regimen, Melissa is still in incredible shape.


Check out behind-the-scenes footage of her photo shoot on our bridal website, And pick up an issue of Shape Bride—get inspired to get in shape for the summer even if you’re not getting married (those warm weather months are just around the corner!). Plus, you’ll find all the information useful and handy if you’re living with your significant other and have marriage on the mind. I’m so proud of this issue—and what’s more fun than planning a wedding? Well, planning a bridal magazine!












There it is!!

It's so exciting to see something go from an idea, to this!


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