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Shoe time!

My triathlon training begins in two weeks and I'm getting excited. On top of that, it's been much warmer outside the past few days (hopefully no more snow!), which means I'm able to run outdoors in Central Park very soon. Although I've been working out on my own on the treadmill for a while, having a group of people to train with to challenge me and push me beyond what I think is my limit will be a nice change of pace. One of the things I love about working at Shape is that any questions I have about fitness, exercise, or working out, can be answered by our experts on staff--at any time. I'm only a click away from talking to some of the best editors and trainers (ours are both!) and professionals in the industry.

Right now I'm searching for a new pair of sneakers to hit the trails with for triathlon season. Back in our November issue we tested out some of the new ones on the market and I was lucky enough to grab the pair of Nike Air Pegasus+ 25 hanging around the office--which were great for running on the treadmill; I definitely recommend them. But now it's time for new ones for outside. When our April issue hits newsstands in a few weeks, be sure to check out our annual shoe awards, and I'll let you know which ones out of those that I'm going to try.


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