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side body long

In Many workouts we think about changing the way our hips, thighs, tummy, buttocks legs and arms look.

In Pilates  all those areas are targeted but we also work to  balance the body so it performs better.  

Here's a great stretch for the  entire side body.  It is called the mermaid.

Sit on your left hip body facing front.  bend you knees closely in to your body.  Left leg on bottom right  stacked evenly on top.  Take your right hand  and hold your right ankle.  The left arm is lengthened straight up past your head, fingertips reaching long to the sky.

Take a deep breath in as you reach and bend to your right keep reaching long and exhale.  Come back to original position. take the left hand to the floor about a foot away from you left hip, as you release your right hand from the right ankle and reach right arm over you head as you slide the left arm along the floor to increase the stretch.  Come back to original position.  Repeat a few times trying to deepen your stretch each time.  Keep your breathing deep and even.

Switch to the  right side

feels good doesn't it!!




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