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Siding with Scarlett Johansson

This week I came across an article written by Scarlett Johansson about the dangers of idealizing celebrity bodies. As one of my favorite actresses, Scarlett also has a body to look up to, and one that isn't stick thin. In her article she brought up a few good points that we at Shape tell you every month: everything you will learn from a trainer or get from a membership at a luxury gym can be practiced on your own through commitment, determination, and dedication. We all know that celebrities have the time and money to put toward having a phenomenal body (it's part of their job to look good!). And even though this is something we remind ourselves when we see their pictures in tabloids, we can't help but wish we could look like them too. But trust me, you can--I've tried it.

In Shape's exercise guides and fitness stories every month, we go to top trainers for you and have them create workouts you can do on your own. Some of these moves are the very ones they use with their own celebrity clients. I tell my friends who are looking to get slim and sculpted for the summer to save the money they were going to spend on some fancy personal trainer. Instead, I tell them to do the workouts Shape has already prepared for you. (I even keep a binder at home of exercises I'd like to do, so that when I get bored at the gym I can pull a new one to try--some people save recipes, I prefer exercise plans.) So the next time you see a Shape cover and think you can't look like the celebrity we've chosen, think again, because with enough commitment and consistency you can.


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