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A simple way to beat fatigue

This week hasn't been a good one, exercise wise, for me. I've worked out only once for about 45 minutes. The reason: work has been busy with frequent late evenings and my kids have been getting up at night (leaving me bleary-eyed in the morning). But in editing one of the articles about energy, which will appear in our August issue (on newsstands end of July), I found out about another source of fatigue: being connected 24/7. As we say in the issue: Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee found that women who frequently take business calls and e-mails at home--whether on the weekends or after work--are more likely to report feeling tired and distracted all day than those who don't. 'Being accessible at all times puts you on edge constantly, which causes your body to release a steady supply of stress hormones,' says Larry Kubiak, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in Tallahassee, Florida. It's interesting: with a BlackBerry (which I am constantly checking, even at night), Twitter, blogs, everything...we ARE so much more connected even during times when we should be relaxing. And in looking back over this week, I realize that I really never got a break.

One daily change: Rather than being self critical ('why couldn't you get it together to get up early and workout!'), we all need to be a bit gentler on ourselves, realizing that we do juggle a lot. And do your body and mind a favor, shut your BlackBerry (computer, TV, to-do list, etc) off at night. I'm starting...tonight.


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