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Slimmin' Down

Hey y'all. My name is Gillian, and I am a fifteen-year-old girl looking to lose some weight... obviously.  I've been through some pretty crazy times weight wise... I've always been a bit big for my size, even when I was eleven and a dancer.  I've always been athletic, but long-story-short, had some binge-eating issues, which led me to weighing in at 157 pounds and 5'6".  I know - hell, that wasn't pretty at all.  I kicked the binge eating habit, and lost 16 pounds.  Right now, I'm just looking to eat healthier, not just fewer calories, and to keep my exercise habits.  Sometimes I'm pretty lazy about stuff like that, but I do martial arts and kickboxing and run sometimes, so I'm still healthy, I just want to be more so.  My goal weight now is 122 pounds, and I want to get there before Christmas.  Just if anyone has any tips about discipline, and fitting workouts in - school starts on TUESDAY, insanity.  I really would appreciate anyone's input.  I joined this website a while back, but didn't really start using it until... today, basically.  But already it's kicking the asses of every single website I've tried before.  Anyhow, better finish this thing up, but I'd love anyone's input.  Thanks, bye!


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