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A smart way to shop

I have to introduce you to my good friend AJ, one of our deputy editors; she covers our fashion, nutrition, and health stories. She always looks so stylish--I imagine her closet looks a little like Carrie Bradshaw's. Maybe it's because she's always immersed in our fashion pages, but AJ has got an eye for what looks good on her. Not only do I covet what she wears, but I envy her outlook on shopping too. I'm sure her clothing budget is a bit bigger than mine at the moment, but that doesn't mean I can't imitate her ways. Check out some cute photos of AJ below (take an even closer look at her Stella McCartney shoes that I'm loving!).

She told me that for years she'd spend endless amounts of money on items that she'd only wear once (something I'm sure we've all done too), or buy $50 shoes that looked like the designer versions to avoid a big splurge. When it came time for her to clean out her closet or re-organize her wardrobe for the change of seasons, she'd see a growing pile of the stuff she no longer wears. AJ realized that all the money wasted on these could have gone toward one really nice pair of shoes or bag. So now her shoes (like the ones pictured below), although expensive at times, are what she considers gifts to herself for all her hard work. Plus, she found that when she saves up for a pricey pair of Stella McCartney heels, she takes better care of them and wears them more often--since they definitely won't be thrown into the back of her closet like her old ones. I like this idea. While I love finding steals on summer shoes in stores like Forever 21 and Target, I'm realizing it may be wiser to recycle the sandals I already own and save up for the 'it' shoes for fall.


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