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Smokers--Killing it for runners

Since I’m training for my triathlon and my half-marathon simultaneously, I’m trying to do the right workouts that benefit both. I think it’s safe to say, that if I’m running everyday (doing sprints and hills), swimming twice a week, and doing a brick on the weekend, then I’m okay. Plus, like I said another day, this fits into my busy schedule!


So every morning I’m back to waking up early to go out for my run along the East River. The weather has been gorgeous here in NYC (except for a few rainy days here and there), and I always take advantage of this time of the year to get outdoors. But it’s also been SO hot and humid that at 7am it feels like it’s 2pm on a summer day when the sun is its strongest. That’s why I took another approach to my daily run: Getting outside as late as possible before the sun goes down so that I can catch the cooler weather. However, you know what’s frustrated me the most about this? In NYC, the sidewalks are just not a place for walking, running, or pushing strollers, because past office hours, it’s like smoking central! Everyone is huddled outside restaurant doors puffing away—and when I’m running, the last thing I want to do is take a breath of that grossness.


I wish there was some way to ban cigarette smoking altogether. First they did away with it inside of restaurants and bars (in some states), but this only means the outdoor areas of any type of eatery are going to be the next danger zone. And if you don’t live near Central Park in NYC, the only place you can really run is on the sidewalks along the street. I feel so sick when I know I’m going to be passing smokers (I give them with my mean face and cough extra loud to show them how much they’re annoying me)—I’m working my butt off to be healthy and second-hand smoke is ruining it for me! I guess this is one of those times I wouldn’t mind living in the suburbs and having full reign to run around. Any ideas about how we can get rid of sidewalk smokers?


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