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The sneaky "sin" of moms everywhere

'No you cannot have anymore candy,' I told my 5-year-old son. 'It's not good for you and it will cause cavities.' I stuffed away his goodie bag loot from a recent birthday party, high on a shelf, away from his reach...but definitely within mine. And then, I found myself reaching for a nibble every now and then (when I was tired, when both kids' demands were stressing me out...). And before you know if, half (well, to be 100% truthful, most of) the candy was gone--by the end of the next day! Yes, I felt guilty. But I also thought more about it: why, as a mom, am I so cautious about what goes into my kids' bodies but sometimes ignore what's right for my own?

One daily change: If you're a mom, give your kids' a couple of pieces of candy (take just one or two for yourself too) and then toss the rest out. Same rule applies for any kind of sweets; most women (myself included) cannot just keep brownies, cake, cookies, candy, etc. sitting in the kitchen without scarfing down most of it (if not all); have a piece, then give it to your neighbors or friends; bring it into the office; or throw the rest out.


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