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so it begins

Today I strapped on my shoes and head to the gym. I decided to walk the 15 min walk instead of drive. When I started cardio I didn't think I was going to make it. When I hit about 10 mins I realized that I am way more out of shape that I thought I was. So I told myself to just make it to 15 mins and then I could stop for the day and try again tomorrow. Once 15 mins came around I told myself to hit 20 and that came and went. When it hit 20 I changed the setting and made it so it showed what I had left rather than what I had done. That was a big help. not only did I make the 30 mins I also did a few more mins so I could burn an even 240 cals yay! After I worked on my legs for another 30 mins. Tomorrow is upper body back and and abs grrr. I dread ab work outs. I will never have a 6 pack and I know it so doing endless crunches and not seeing what so many get from the same thing if not less drives me up the wall but I know its key to have a strong core all around to protect my back and posture. Well enough for today. DAY 1 DOWN




Today I made it to the gym even though I didn't want to go, I didn't get much sleep so I had a hard time getting out of bed and then off the couch. After 2 cups of coffee I made it out the door. I did my 30 mins of cardio and while I was I noticed this really creepy guy I thought he might be looking but put it out of my mind. Later while I was working on arms I saw him again so I thought I would leave that area and go to another just so I didn't feel so selfconscious, but again I saw him in the other room. He was really creeping me out so I went to another part of the gym and again there we was a few mins later so I wasn't able to do as much as I would have like to do but I still managed and hr of working out. I also sat down with a nutritionist today and I have to wright down what I eat and I have a meeting with him on Wednesday so he can go over everything and see how I'm doing. I just want to make sure I'm getting everything I need being a vegetarian can get a little complicated.


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