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Social Networking

I'm sure most of you are familiar with a little thing called
Facebook--how could you not be, it's so addicting!--but if you're not,
you should check it out now. I first got into Facebook when I was in
college (I happen to be one of the first members, since its debut
launch, something I take pride in) and I mainly used it to make friends
in other dorms, find out more about the cute boy I met in the bar, and
even for it's original purpose--to get homework assignments when I
missed a class. However, Facebook has come a long way and I happily
discovered a Shape page today! (A function original Facebook did not have.) Now Shape,
can connect to people on the site by linking profiles directly to its
page and give updates on what's happening in the magazine and beyond
the pages. (You can check out videos on exercise demonstrations and
even hear news about upcoming Shape events in your town.)


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