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Something new for sleek, smooth hair!

Since I'm always looking for ways to get healthier hair and have prettier looking locks, I have to tell you about something new I tried. The other night after work I stopped at an event at Concept Salon on the Upper East Side, where I got to test out the new 5-step Keratin conditioning treatment with the Inphenom products (this puts protein and moisture back into your hair and gives it the nutrients it needs to shine). It's perfect for the girls like me who have dry, damaged hair from years of over-processing—it lasts about a month (you can wash your hair with a special conditioner they give you) and costs around $60, instead of a few hundred like what the Brazilian Keratin costs. You also get a very relaxing head massage as the stylist waits a few minutes between the five steps! If you're looking to give your hair a boost, that's quick, easy, and lasts, then this treatment is what you may want to check out. After a month, my hair is still looking and feeling much sleeker than a month ago, and I'm more confident wearing headbands like the ones I’m loving below. Also, check out our Shape Shops in our beauty news section in the Nov 2009 issue (page 60) for some more options. Check out my faves below!

Sequin Rose Headwrap, $5 from Forever 21 (








Budding Chiffon headband, $31 from True Birds (







"Chloe" Links headband, $44 from By Lilla (


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