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Speak up for what YOU want

Why is it SO hard for us women to speak up for what we want...all the time? I'll bet you think that I, as editor in chief, have no problem with this—and am matter of fact about EVERYTHING all the time. Well, you're wrong! Sometimes I have just as much difficulty as everyone else. But what I have found is that when you feel good about yourself (you feel fit, you feel confident...hence you feel strong) and when you take care of your appearance (you get your hair colored, put a great lipstick on, and wear clothes that flatter), it's easier to take a stand and speak your mind, whether it's with your guy or your colleague. So go out there and do whatever you need to, to "knock 'em dead". (And if you want to share with me your secrets for boosting your confidence, just write me...I try to respond to all!)

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