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Spinning for a Cause

Yesterday was SpinOdyssey in Norwalk, CT at the Intensity Fitness Club. Imagine HUNDREDS of Spinners biking (and Zumba'ing) for a cause (breast cancer). Yes, got to be really honest... the smell of sweat was more than a bit overpowering at times. But you almost didn't care because everyone was riding to raise money for breast cancer. All the riders (including a team of Shape staffers) helped to raise more than $381K for breast cancer research!














Day started out a bit off: I actually left my padded Spin shorts at home! Hello, Valerie! Yes, the truth is YOU SHOULD ALWAYS PACK YOUR BAG THE NIGHT BEFORE! Don't ever wait until the morning of! That, and I thought I would be all "geared up" with my super sleek Spinning shoes (with advanced toe "clips" and all)—granted I bought them at least 5 years ago and haven’t worn them in 3—but I couldn't get the darned things unhooked to put them on! How embarrassed was I when I had to ask a very advanced biker to help me (needless to say, I DID NOT tell him I was the Editor in Chief of Shape!).












But sans bike shorts, I got my Spinning in—and found the energy and enthusiasm to be incredibly motivating, particularly at the end where one of the instructors (a breast cancer survivor) was shouting out words like "You CAN do anything you set your mind to" before a very loud finish to Melissa Etheridge's "I run for life". Just amazing! Also was SO impressed by the people who biked for 6 hours—including Bob (see pic of me with him) from Conair, who donated amazing giveaways for Shape readers this week. If you have a chance, check out the website and these raw pics snapped from my phone (and yes, that's me on my Spin bike in my very unpadded gym pants).












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