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Spray tanning virgin..until now!

Last weekend I attended AJ’s wedding, one of our Shape bridal bloggers (A Tale of 3 Brides). This was one of the most unique weddings I’ve been to (the venue was a three-story townhouse, where Real World 10 was filmed!), and my first NYC wedding as well.

Before her big day, I had a lot to prepare for myself. Have you ever tried spray tanning? Well, I hadn’t, but I was not showing up to this super trendy venue, looking white as a ghost with a crème colored mini dress on. I seriously looked like I hadn’t been outside in ages; a tan was much needed! I wouldn’t dare use a tanning bed—one of my biggest regrets in life, and I don’t regret much, is having used these horrific machines so often in order to get my faux glow fix. I honestly don’t know what I was thinking in my college years that I thought I needed to look “tan” all the time. They don’t even make you tan, more like red-orange and totally fake-looking. Although I’ve completely made a 180 turnaround since my tanning days (I lather up with sunscreen EVERY SINGLE DAY—especially anytime I’m running outside), I hope it’s not too late to save my skin from any type of cancer. So even though I’ve given up on that perfect tan, I still need that mood boost that a pretty glow gives you when you’re wearing something fancy schmancy, as I was for AJ’s wedding.


When I went to City Sun I was scared to come out of that self spray tan booth looking like Ross from Friends, but I put my fears aside. If for some reason I looked a bit off, I knew Carly, our associate beauty editor, would have some sort of miraculous tanning product to even me out (she does! Try: DuWop Revolotion). This wasn’t the type of spray tan where someone hand sprays your entire body. I was stepping into a booth, and I’d have to turn my body appropriately to get the proper, all-over glow. Ah!

Nonetheless, I managed—and I was quite surprised with the results. I was tan, but not tanning-bed tan, more like a natural glow that you get from being outdoors on a sunny day. It was perfect! You do have to wait a bit before showering so the “paint” can dry onto your body, and if you don’t wait long enough you may get some of it on your sheets when you sleep. But if you’re careful, a spray tan is so much better for you than tanning beds! I looked naturally bronzed the day of the wedding and was ready to hit the dance floor with my Shape girls. Stay out of those tanning beds!!!












Carly & I at the wedding...a nice glow, but not over the top! :)


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