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stats, goals and routine


mile time:11 minutes (on average)

5 K time: 32 minutes

max distance: 30 miles (walking)

Leg press: 210 lbs (plus body weight)

Pullups:0 (without assistance)




LW:103( 09/07)

Body fat %: between 15% and 18% (best estimate:17%)

BMI: 18.71


1. Reduce overall weight to 110lbs or less (goal reached)

2. Reduce body fat % to see increased definition

3. Increase lean muscle mass & overall strength

4. Run a 5k, without stopping or getting breathless

5. Run mile consistently below 10 minutes, and then below 9 minutes.

6. Tone my lower body and rebuild lost muscle

7. Complete all 70 pts of the core fitness test ( currently 30)

8. Do a real pull up, and then do more

9. To be able to do 17 pushups, 50 sit ups, and do a two mile run in 23 minutes.

10: Optimize my diet. Reduce my blood sugar fluxuations



30-60 minutes of indoor cardio 5X a week. emphasis on building lower body strength with inclines and challenging hill courses (eliptical, stairmaster, treadmill)

Weight Circuit, low reps, high weights 4 days a week

Mat stretches, core workout 2 days a week





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