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Stepped on the scale this morning....

...and put on almost 3 pounds. I didn't work out this weekend; my body definitely needed a break after 6 consecutive days of training last week (You must take a rest day as we say in our Tri plan; your body needs it), but somehow—even though menntally I knew it wasn't right—I also took that to mean, take a break from my healthy eating plan. A few of my son's homemade cookies here, a few jellybeans (left over from Easter there) and I broke my #1 rule: don't nibble off the kids' plates while you're standing up and doing something else!

But while I wasn't happy (although not surprised) when I stepped on the scale this morning, I'm thinking I really needed that break. This morning I did 40 minutes of Spinning and had a bowl of steel cut oats, almonds, flaxmeal, and lemon zest (with a drizzle of agave nectar). And I feel good...and I'm back on track.

Moral of the story: whether you're training for a triathlon like I am or just on your own workout/diet plan—give yourself a break once in awhile but then get right back on your schedule. And NEVER let pound creep go any more than 3 pounds...then you're really doing yourself a disservice as it becomes harder and harder to take it off. As we once wrote in Shape, every overweight person starts by just being 5 poudns overweight.


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