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A story in fashion

Before I worked at a magazine I don't think I ever really understood the point behind a fashion spread--or to be honest with you, what fashion editors did with their time all day! Chic clothes and pretty models...these pages were something I always enjoyed flipping through or ripping out to put on my wall. But after working here I've realized that what's happening on the fashion pages is the same thing that happens when you read an article: a story is being told. And a fashion story goes through many stages, just like an article: first an idea, then clothing and accessories are researched and called in that fit the idea, the editor in chief gives her approval, our fashion team heads out to various locations (like Vegas, Coney Island, or a cabin in the mountains in Whistler, BC) to tell the story on the photo-shoot.

So, when you flip through the pages of a magazine, although the models may seem like the main focus, what they're wearing carries the story. A model in a mini feather and suede dress, holds a cocktail in the middle of the casino while smiling for the camera (page 224 of the March 2009 issue with Jaime Pressly on the cover) is showing you a new way to accessorize or wear the latest trends. Plus, because of the economy we've added a new column--Get The Look For Less--which runs after the feature.  It shows just what it promises: how to wear the trends in the fashion feature without going over your budget. Next time you see a fashion spread that you like, clip it out and use it for inspiration when you're shopping or thumbing through your closet--it's what I do.


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