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Strengthen Your Core and Get Flat Abs

Four Step Roll up designed to build core strength and flexibility

Having trouble with the roll up? lets start with an easier version and build up to it when you are ready.
Sit with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. legs are squeezing gently together. Place your hands under the lower thigh close to the knee. Curve your back as much as you can, relaxing your neck forward with your elbows bent and open to the side. deepen the curve in your lower back by engaging your powerhouse as much as you can. Inhale as you curl back until your arms are straight. Exhale deepening the use of the powerhouse as you pull your torso back up, keeping your spine curved. Your elbows will come back to the bent position. Repeat this four times.
Starting in the same position walk your hands towards your buttocks as you roll all the way to the floor. Articulate the spine vertebra by vertebra as you roll down and back up. Try and squeeze your buttocks and inner thighs also. Make sure you use your hands walking on the legs for support. Keep your knees bent and feet on the floor. 4x
Sit with your legs straight out in front of you hands still connected to the legs for support. Walk your hands towards the buttocks in a similar fashion,scoop your hips underneath you as you roll your back all the way down to the floor, articulating the spine. roll up with control, using the hands on the legs for support. once that seems a little easier try the full roll up.4x
Lie flat on your back. Tummy in, ribs in, shoulder relaxed, legs straight and squeezing together and neck is long. Stretch your arms straight up in the air feeling the ribs pull down towards the floor. Keep your ribs down as you reach your arms straight over your head. Inhale as the arms reach forward and you lift your head and shoulders. Exhale as you reach forward with the arms and back keeping the powerhouse in and engaged stretching the back and the hamstrings. Continue to reach the arms forward, inhale as you begin to roll back down. Scoop your hips underneath you, pull your tummy in tight and squeeze the legs together. exhale the rest of the way down with control and articulation of the spine.4x


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