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Stressed Out

I'm a little stressed today. Just a few days ago I wrote about a money-saving story I was working on, but now, I'm definitely
planning on using all those tips. Living in the city, a few subway
stops away from Wall Street, I can't help but be surrounded by news of
our nation's financial situation (my bank was bought--ah!--so what does
that mean for me?). I wonder if I should have lived home a little
longer, but the commute is so long and tiring! Sometimes it's weird to
think that I'm an adult, and I have to worry about these things. Did I
see this coming when I graduated from college? No, but it's something
that my friends and I are all faced with now that we're on our own--some
of them have even lost their jobs and others are hoping they don't get
laid off. Like most college grads, I've got tuition loans to pay back,
rent and utilities, a cell phone and cable bill, a monthly
metro-pass--the list goes on and on. I'm trying to put my all into my
career right now and have a social life too. However, I don't want to
wake up one day with lots of beautiful shoes and chic handbags and find
out that I've put myself in debt and have no savings for the rainy day
(could that be now?).

I remembered a Suze Orman
book I got a few Christmas' ago which I could totally use now, so I
called my mom and told her to send it to me ASAP. You may have seen
Suze on TV--she's known as one of the most influential and inspiring
financial advisors and has written six best-sellers. The one I am
reading, The Money Book for the Young Fabulous & Broke
(because I am young, fabulous, and don't want to be broke), covers
things like squeezing more out of what you make, understanding what
your credit report says about you, and learning the best way to pay
down your American Express balance--everything I need to know. I'm not
sure what's going to happen to the economy, but I know that right now I
want to start preparing for a fit financial future.


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